Message from the Chairman/CEO

Many people come out of school looking for a job with the allure of a lucrative career in their sights. However, upon graduation and even though most come out of school with impressive technical skills, few have real life experience or practical knowledge of how business works. Therefore, in today's economy, it is very difficult for people to get jobs where the pay equals the skills they acquired in college. Only a precious few are able to start out in the careers they envisioned in college while most students rack up major debts while working at less than optimal jobs. This situation is not being adequately addressed by American owned businesses. By focusing on outsourcing and other cost-cutting methods, most of these businesses are not addressing the increasing demand for new products and new job opportunities.

At SGP, we see this situation as an opportunity to recruit skilled people and introduce them to the concept of investing in themselves. Looking backwards, it is easy to understand how the use of computers, networking, and IT changed the landscape for American workers. Looking forward, it is not as easy to see what the future holds for workers. We believe that the new landscape is the "collaborating" worker; workers who form teams to solve complex business problems. The business minded worker sees his/her skill set in conjunction with the skills of the "team." This synergy results in the capacity to solve increasingly complex problems more efficiently.

SGP believes collaboration is the key to success. SGP encourages our associates to be "simply great" teammates. We hire associates based on our perception of the individual's capabilities but, we also hire teams as well. Think about that. With world-wide underemployment, food shortages, and health crises isn't it time for a new approach to business? The world needs a gigantic release of new, eco-friendly, problem solving products. We need new ways of thinking and doing.

In making your decision to work with us, please consider the team you will be working with and the multitude of new products you will be working on. The value of your work experience will be substantially increased by the depth and breadth of your work exposure while working remotely in an environment that not only encourages teamwork but, allows you the time for other pursuits.

We are looking for very specific skills.You can view those requirements here.If you don't see your particular skill set but, have skills in other areas of technology such as, operating systems, programming languages, internet protocols, networking, applications development, internet security, and databases we would like to hear from you as we are always planning for the next SIMPLY GREAT product. Feel free to contact us here